Our Facility

Our Facility

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St. Bernard Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home has served the families of St. Bernard Parish for 40 years. Following our property damage from Hurricane Katrina, we are proud to announce the reopening of our newly built funeral home and honored to serve families from our facility once again.


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Since its founding in 1965, the families of St. Bernard Parish have embraced St. Bernard Memorial Gardens as one of the area’s finest and most beautiful resting places.

St. Bernard Memorial Funeral Home is the choice of most caring families. We believe every life is unique, and that every funeral should be too. St. Bernard Memorial also offers The Simplicity Plan® prearrangement program — an easy way to handle an important family responsibility.


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St. Bernard Memorial Funeral Home

Designed with families' comfort in mind, the new St. Bernard Memorial Funeral Home encompasses the beauty and calming atmosphere of the original building, along with many additional features. The spacious new building has been furnished with the utmost care and offers comfortable visitation rooms, private arrangement offices and a large coffee lounge. A new community room has been added for use by families and local organizations and high-quality video and sound systems are part of the new design. The funeral home's lovely chapel has also been completely renovated. It is still adorned by the magnificent stained-glass window that weathered Hurricane Katrina and has been restored to its original beauty.


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Originally built in 1997, St. Bernard Memorial Funeral Home, located adjacent to the cemetery grounds, represents the area's premier funeral home/cemetery combination. This not only means added convenience in planning final arrangements, but also increased cost savings for St. Bernard families.


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St. Bernard Memorial Gardens

Nestled among the quiet community streets of Chalmette, the meticulously cared-for gardens of St. Bernard Memorial Gardens offer visitors a serene haven for reflection and remembrance. The St. Bernard Memorial Gardens Veterans Memorial, a finely constructed granite memorial, pays tribute to those who have served in the five branches of the military. For those who choose cremation, St. Bernard Memorial provides many options for remembrance. In addition to traditional ground burial, St. Bernard Memorial offers family tombs for those who desire the distinction of private estates. Entombment in one of our fine community mausoleums is yet another available option.



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St. Bernard Memorial’s beautiful Garden of the Resurrection Mausoleum offers a dignified and quiet atmosphere and enables you to take advantage of an important opportunity and significant savings in one of our finest mausoleum facilities. Adjacent to the Garden of the Resurrection is the Garden of Serenity — another elegant mausoleum choice. The stately Chapel Mausoleum has become a well-known resting place and stands as an impressive backdrop to the Veterans Memorial. The new Garden of Peace Mausoleum is now under construction at St. Bernard Memorial, providing additional spaces to meet the needs of our community.


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